The idea behind RF Throttle Therapy is simple. Give fellow riders suffering from anxiety, PTSD and other illnesses an epic adventure through the eyes of those who can still saddle up their steeds (while respecting social distancing laws)! So mount up those GoPros, go on an epic ride and share it with the community!

Submit your videos (up to 64MB) in 720 or 1080. We will share them on our social media! If you are interested in going LIVE on Facebook let us know at smahon@hoosier-offroad.com  Let’s rally and show our fellow riders some love!
Interested in RF Therapy but don’t run our products?
Get your set of Hooser MX tires and a gallon of Zoom Concentrate Cleaner and we will show our appreciation with a $35 RF Credits (towards your next purchase) plus a free RF t0-shirt or 1 liter of Zoom Cleaner
*All purchases have to be made through Roost Factory to be valid.