Introducing The RF Stimulus Package

We are in interesting times; no-one could have predicted the current situation. Staying positive in spite of our current situation is crucial. Fear steals joy, so let’s focus on what we know for sure!  We WILL ride again. Race season WILL happen sooner or later. 
With that in mind, we have implemented our very own stimulus package to inspire optimism and take advantage of the “extra” time we have to save up to get what we need for the race season. We hope this will help you save up comfortably to get what you need while we wait for race season. Afterall, what is a champion of amateur racing if we can’t help out during these times?
See you trackside!

How it helps:

Help you save up to get what you need come race season

Help your money stretch further by offering FREE SHIPPING on orders*

Help your money stretch even further by offering an additional 5% RF Dollars on orders**


How it works:

Choose 3 brands (ie tires, tubes, mousse etc) or more

Total minimum order of $330  


What You Get:

Free shipping on your orders

An extra 5% RF Dollars (ie, if you are an Elite Privateer currently earning 15% on orders, you will be bumped up to 20%)

Option to pay for order with Layaway Program – if you choose to

50% off on our Rabaconda Tire Changer (for the month of April ONLY) 


Get in touch with us to get you started. 


Tel: 289.677. 4657

Text: 416.895.2884

*Applies to Stimulus Package only. Cannot be combined with other promotions

**Applies to Stimulus Package only. Cannot be combined with other promotions