Roost Factory Announces $62,000 RF Dollar and Cash Contingency Program for the FMSQ Crosscountry National!

For racers with Front and Rear Hoosier MX Tires purchased from or trackside who race in the following Classes:


ATV Classes: Expert*, Pro-Am, A, Dame, Vet 40+, B, C, 11-14, PeeWee A and PeeWee B


Dirt Bike Classes: Expert*, Intermediarie, Dame Experte, Senior, Junior, 40+, 30+, Ecolier A, Dame Intermediate, Amateur A, Sportsman, Amateur 17, Amateur 30+, Amateur 40+, Amateur 50+, Debutant, Ecolier B, Dame, Dame 35+, Dame Debutante A, PeeWee A, PeeWee B, Dame Debutante B, Dame Debutane C, PeeWee C Air and PeeWee C Liquide.


Steps to Qualify Your Contingency:

Step #1 Register for the Roost Factory FMSQ Contingency Program at

Step #2: Visit our Online Shop at TheRoostFactory.comand purchase your Front and Rear Hoosier MX Tire or Purchase trackside from Team Manager Pierre Yves Deneault (you can reach him directly at

Step #3: Send Proof of Purchase to

Step #4: Submit your results online at proof of results and podium photo.


Please note that payments will be made to your RF Account or in person by Pierre Yves with RF Dollars and Cash* paid within the week following the race.

*Only the expert class will receive cash, all other classes are paid out in Roost Factory Dollars (RFD). RFD are usable at the trackside Purple Paddock led by PY and online.

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