Life at the track for yourself is already a passion for you and your family. Becoming a Hoosier Crew Chief takes your passion and ability to race and takes it to the next level. All simply by taking what you are already doing and being prepared to share it with others at the races you already attend. Your family passion can become a family business with the potential tax and expense management advantages that a business offers. ​


The Crew Chief level allows qualified applicants to operate an official Roost Factory™ race paddock at events as part of their investment in a co-branded Hoosier race trailer. As well as a gathering spot and resource for riders, the Roost Factory™ performs as a mobile dealership that allows you to subsidize your team as they pursue their racing goals.
At your Roost Factory™, you’ll get to:

  • Profit from selling high-performance Hoosier tires and coveted products from EKS Brand, Red Line, Rabaconda, BOXO, Mac’s, Action Canopies, TXR, RP, Team Apparel, Zoom, and many more.
  • Benefit from the opportunity to be team manager for multiple groups providing a steady business source.
  • Access wholesale pricing for the needs of your own family team.
  • Gain potential advantages in credit access and taxation that come with being a business
  • Project a professional and dominant physical presence at the event

Becoming a Hoosier Crew Chief works for you if you’re committed to attend a minimum of 15 races per year, and are already budgeting $25K to $30K for the racing season. You may also already have acceptable support & transport vehicle(s) that can easily be re-branded. 

Becoming a Hoosier Crew Chief is your opportunity to take your family passion to the next level.