Ariete Goggles and Grips

For over 70 years, Ariete has been responding to the needs of motorcyclists from all over the world by providing high quality rubber and plastic products.

They are known for their high-quality grips, goggles, and other accessories. The family nature of their managerial staff, now in its third generation, continues with the same passion and determination as the founder, Sandro Mentasti, who in 1947 conceived the idea of designing and manufacturing high quality motorcycle accessories and spare parts for motorcyclists in Italy.

The high quality is achieved by global research programs with a focus on high quality raw materials processed using sophisticated, environmentally friendly production technologies in accordance with their Sandro Mentasti Environmental Protection Program.

The Ariete team works together with their passionate and dedicated expert partners who have gained experience in the company in its 70 years. This enables them to provide global markets with high-end products designed, manufactured, tested and certified that fully satisfy the most demanding motorcyclist whether they are in an urban environment, on a racetrack, or on the most grueling off-road dirt track.

The search for new materials is never-ending. Arietehas worked for years with the world’s best-known petro-chemical companies. The materials used are the result of research carried out by these companies and are the best that can be found. 

The Benefits

The search for new materials is never-ending. Ariete has worked for years with the world’s best-known petro-chemical companies. The materials used are the result of research carried out by these companies and are the best that can be found. The Ariete technicians have developed and manufactured vitals parts of the goggle such as the frame that allows a wide field of view both laterally and vertically. This feature makes a vital contribution to rider safety.

Each goggle or grip project is refined and tested by riders in relevant off-road world championship events. Rider feedback is agreed and incorporated into the final design before this is submitted to the certifying authority for approval.

Check out some of the riders who are already reaping the benefits of these awesome goggles and grips:

Alessandro Botturi

Winner of the last Africa Eco Race and has attended the Dakar Race multiple times. 

Edgardo Borella

Races in the European and Italian Supermoto Championship 

Nicole Dutto

First paraplegic rider that was able to compete in the last Dakar race. 

Kevin Manfredi

Kevin Manfredi – Famous Italian rider that raced in the EWC (Endurance World Championship) 

Lyndon Poskitt

Famous Rally Rider 

Cristobal Guerrero

Races in the Spanish Enduro Championship, Super Enduro World Championship, Enduro GP Championship  

Superior Ventilation

Another notable feature is the superior ventilation system that uses carefully chosen areas for the intake and exhaust of cooling air.

Flexible Fit

The shape of Ariete goggle frames are focused on the ergonomics to ensure that it perfectly fits the rider’s face.

Uniquely Comfortable

They use hypoallergenic materials and the Ariete Ventilation System makes these goggles uniquely comfortable.

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