You might be a regular recreational rider or an elite performer, either way love life off the road. The Hoosier Champions program will provide you with the support and rewards needed to stretch your budget and keep the wheels turning.


Becoming a Hoosier Ambassador means you’re now associated with one of the world’s most storied racing brands. It also gives you the means to reduce the cost of your racing by earning Hoosier currency, gain access to the Hoosier Racing Schools and marquee Hoosier events., and have a home at race events as part of the Hoosier Roost Factory™ paddock. At the end of the year, you’ll also be eligible to win awards at our annual Hoosier Awards gala.


You earn Hoosier credits for Hoosier Tire and race products for the most part by doing what you do, anyway:

  • Committing to attend 5+ events
  • Purchasing Hoosier products
  • While at the track, volunteering at the Roost Factory™ paddock
  • Race participation & race top box finishes
  • Encouraging others to join the Hoosier team
  • Sharing your Offroad adventures on social media

Joining the Hoosier Roost Factory™ means you’ll be joining a team of Offroad enthusiasts as passionate about the sport as you are.