Hoosier Racing has been behind countless speedway, drag racing, and short track wins for well over 50 years. And now we’re proud to be bringing our performance tire know-how to the dirt.

You will be thrilled to find out what our hand-built premium tires using superior compounds backed by science can deliver in your own drive to the podium. But we’re bringing more than superior rubber to the track.


Hoosier Offroad in partnership with the Oasis Performance Group has created the Hoosier Offroad Champions Sponsorship Program – a generous sponsorship & loyalty program to help grow the Offroad world by providing an incentive to the Offroad community for doing what you already do and across every level of participation.


Becoming a team member of the Hoosier Roost Factory™ has its rewards. Here is just the beginning:
BE EXCLUSIVE: Access to the Hoosier Roost Factory™ trackside paddocks for advice, resources and to be part of a winning team.
BE SMARTER: Stretch your racing budget with special pricing on Hoosier tires, racing products & premium clothing.
BE A LEADER: An opportunity to become a Hoosier Crew Chief and potentially turn a family passion into a family business.
BE RECOGNIZED: Attendance and potential glory at our Annual Awards Gala with rewards given across every level of participation in the Champions Program.
BE IMPORTANT: Access to Hoosier marquee events & experiences.
BE BETTER: Access to our own Hoosier Racing Schools to hone your skills.