The Roost Factory Team is a combination of pioneers, innovators and change agents from the sport and business. Founder, Mark Rivers, comes from a solid career of coaching some of the top leaders and executives in North America in diverse businesses, a competitive boxer, triathlete and certified coach (back in days when he was more aerodynamic 😊). Known for his breakthrough strategies and thinking, he has achieved global best practices and results in multiple industries. Roost Factory is his response to several gaps in an amazing industry for consumers, brands and dealers. Roost Factory is a great opportunity to bring his knowledge to an industry where Amateur Racing needed to be reconnected with the brands. 

The success of the Roost Factory is backed by a strong team of passionate leaders from various backgrounds including one of SEMA’s cofounding family’s, X-Games photographer and former pro racer. Each of our team members are proven experts in their fields, they have experienced the challenges and set backs that every entrepreneur, innovator and visionary has gone through and they all persevered to succeed and make a difference in the process.


The Roost Factory Sponsor and Crew Chief Programs have been born out of necessity

Roost Factory CEO, Mark Rivers’, realization that this industry is built on the backs of amateur racing families and his first-hand experience in helping at the 24 Hour Challenge spiraled into what would become the Roost Factory Crew Chief and Ambassador Programs. The Roost Factory’s commitment to amateur racing and the pro who’s trying to do it on their own, is simple; when you join the Roost Factory you join a team, a community and a family of like-minded racers who have come together in the Purple Paddock to work together to succeed on and off the track.

As CEO, Mark Rivers, himself explains it; “The Roost Factory Sponsor and Crew Chief Programs have been born out of the necessity to offset the rising costs of our physically and financially demanding passion. We understand what it takes to participate in this sport. We also understand what it takes to become an elite athlete. What we understand better than anyone is that this community of tight knit, hardworking individuals deserves recognition, rewards, kickbacks, and even the ability to break even. If you just want to offset the costs of your hobby for you and your buddies, we can help you. If your dream is to own and operate your very own race team, we can help you. If you have a child who’s dream is to become that 1% elite level athlete, we have the roadmap to fast-track your success.”

The Roost Factory Purple Paddock has already popped up at national and regional events across Canada and the US giving everyone a tease of what is to come. The Roost Factory Purple Paddocks are set to be track side this summer at over 200 events across Canada and the US. The Purple Paddock is meant to give the grassroots racer the support they deserve along with knowledge, assistance, tools and the best place at the track to hang out!  Ever show up to a race alone? Ever consider traveling to another province or to another series? Need to change a tire? Forget something at home? Want to meet other racers and hang out after the days events? The Purple Paddock is the answer to those questions and many more! There’s no cost to gain access to the paddock all you need to do is sign up!

The recently launched 2020 Sponsorship Program gives athletes instant access to the Purple Paddock and the ability to earn rewards through volunteering at events, participating in select races and becoming an ambassador of the Roost Factory. As members climb the ranks they will be privileged to more exclusive opportunities including level restricted pricing and discounts, private training, access to special and private events, VIP treatment at races and more! Members also have the option to build a race team to consolidate purchases and earn more with access to heavier discounts, private coaching for the team from an elite pro athlete, exclusive race team contingency, and more!

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The Crew Chief program takes what you are already doing and transforms it into profit

For those interested in turning their passion into a real business opportunity the Roost Factory created the Crew Chief program just for you. Mark Rivers recognized that the traditional dealership model was broken and developed a model for the Roost Factory that shattered this traditional model. Mark and his team created a system where revenue can be generated for racing families, individual racers, teams or even diehard fans!  The Crew Chief program takes what you are already doing (you know; going to the track every single weekend) and turns that dedication into a successful mobile business opportunity. You become the trackside support dealer for your network of clients and friends with a comprehensive offering of exclusive and top-of-the-line products that serve all levels of riders!

After all is said and done Roost Factory considers themselves the Champions of Grassroots Racers. Their foundational goal is to be committed to the two people that prop-up and fund this sport; Mom and Dad. With that in mind moto families across the nation who are currently searching Facebook for used gear, packing their 30+ year old camper up or heading to Canadian Tire to finally buy one of those fancy pop-up camping tents; Rejoice! Roost Factory has developed an exclusive loyalty program and trackside support system that will recognize and reward families, teams and individual riders for what they do every day. The Roost Factory has designed a program to help subsidize the grassroots racers budget allowing individual’s or teams to earn real dollars for not just making purchases but for also racing, volunteering, participating in events, helping other racers and more!

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It is often said that the history of Hoosier Racing Tire is “one of an American Dream come true.” Two young Indiana entrepreneurs with a passion turned their visions of a tire specifically designed for racing into a reality.

It all began in the 1950’s when Bob Newton jumped into the drivers seat and began his career on the small asphalt tracks of northern Indiana. Stock car racing started its own life in the days of Prohibition as “runners” raced their cars filled with moonshine across the countryside. The runners soon began spending their free time racing other runners for bragging rights and eventually cash! The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) was formed in 1948 to give conformity to the multiple racing leagues that popped up around the US and their rules.

Bob Newton, like many of his competitors, wanted to go faster, corner harder and have the traction when and where he needed it. The street tires that were used during those days had limited size options, hard tread compounds and couldn’t live up to the racers hunger for more. Bob’s dreams for a lighter, softer compound tire specifically designed for racing began. In 1957 Bob and his very supportive wife Joyce began producing their very own race tires by re-treading street tires with softer compounds. The Newton’s chose the name Hoosier name to honour Bob’s racing roots on the short tracks of the Midwest.  The iconic purple colour that embodies the Hoosier Tire brand today came from Bob’s #4 racecar itself!

Working out of an old abandoned horse barn in South Bend, Indiana the Newton’s determination and passion was being noticed by friends, family, racers and the growing stock car fan base. In 1985 the Newton’s brought production under their own roof and began the rapid growth of their facilities. In 1988 Hoosier Tire jumped into the NASCAR Winston Cup Series (currently Monster Energy). In that first year Hoosier claimed nine victories and took the win at the Daytona 500. Since then Hoosier has claimed thousands of podium finishes across North America and many others across the seas! Hoosier has gained a reputation for developing and manufacturing the world’s best racing tires and for being a company with a true passion for racing!



In line with Hoosier’s dedication to building and advancing the racing tire industry they set out to create the Hoosier MX and IMX tires. With the first Hoosier MX rear tires hitting tracks in 2018, the excitement and curiosity around the brands jump into offroad began to take off. Positive reviews on the professional and amateur levels were coming back and the demand began to increase. Hoosier MX Tires are an average of 2-3lbs lighter per set than the competition which gives every Hoosier Tire equipped bike a serious un-sprung weight advantage! With the end of 2018 quickly approaching Hoosier knew they needed to begin making plans for 2019 and this is where the story of Hoosier Offroad and the Roost Factory begins.

Late last summer Mark Rivers found himself not just dipping his toes into the waters of motorsports but LEAPING full speed into the dusty, adrenaline filled river that is the world of offroad racing. Mark was in pursuit of another business opportunity that ended up taking him to the Kenda Northeast 24 Hour Challenge in New York. While assisting with the team he was there to watch, Mark was gifted the opportunity of being the water mule! As he made trip after trip, hauling hundreds of gallons of water back to the team, he made a valuable connection that led to meeting Hoosier Racing Tire leadership and as they say the rest is history. Mark was immersed into a world he had only a small experience with in the past. After experiencing the 24 Hour Challenge first hand, and with his fresh view on the motorsports environment, Mark noticed two things; this multi-million dollar industry is funded by two people, Mom and Dad; and very little is actually being done to show them support in return. Although we idolize the 1% for their talent, efforts and abilities the entire sport is sustained by the participation and involvement of the grassroots racer who receives virtually nothing for their efforts and abilities.

The Roost Factory began to take shape as Mark pitched his untraditional and thought provoking ideas and plans to Hoosier Racing Tire President, John DeSalle, and Vice President, Paul Menting. Mark’s passion, business model, and the team he gathered around of experts in their fields gave, Hoosier the confidence they needed to break rank on 50 years of their traditional distribution model. Hoosier embraced the Roost Factory’s commitment to grassroots racing, trackside support, innovative programs, schools and community. With their own heritage of grassroots racing it only made sense to partner with a company like the Roost Factory that embodied and upheld those same beliefs. Four months after the Roost Factory presented by Hoosier Offroad’s official launch they had gained national attention and started staking out their territory in the provincial and national pits across Canada and United States.

The Roost Factory’s strategic alliances with partners in the motorsports industry have awarded them prime sponsorships of the biggest motocross and enduro races in Canada. Three of their brands have been given the title of official products of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour; Hoosier Offroad as The Official Tire; Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer as the Official Tire Changer; along with BOXO as the Official Tools and Tool Storage Solutions. With presenting sponsorship of the Promation National Enduro Championships, title sponsorship of the Border Battle XC series and Official Tire status of several series and clubs the purple paddock has begun to spread across the continent.


The Roost Factory is committed to the grassroots racer instead of the elite few. Their entire business model is focused around providing support for amateur racing, the families who spend their hard earned money every weekend and the riders who put their blood, sweat and tears in to racing. They understand that this industry is built on the backs and piggy banks of Moto Moms, Moto Dads and the few lone wolves doing it themselves. The Roost Factory offers the only program that truly recognizes those who support the sport – a multi-billion dollar sport funded by two people – Mom and Dad. This program recognizes them and their efforts, their sacrifices, their commitments and the money they spend.

There is a desperate need for support of the grassroots racing industry and the Roost Factory’s goal is to assist everyone they can by providing incentives, sponsorships, contingency dollars, and business opportunities as Crew Chiefs and exclusive Roost Factory dealers. If you are interested in turning your passion for racing in to a business check out our Business Opportunity page to learn more!